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Comprehensive Sensitivities Test

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The Comprehensive Sensitivities test is an at-home test that measures your body’s immune response to over 900 foods & non-food sensitivities.
The results help provide guidance on what types of food may be the best to choose for a temporary elimination diet, as well as, environmental or lifestyle changes to consider. 

What you receive: 
  • A personalized Comprehensive Sensitivities report

  • Elimination Diet Recommendations

Testing for 900 food and non-food intolerances

Hair sample collection method

Test for common food and non-food items, nutritional items, metals, gut biome, digestive health & hormonal analysis


  1. Food Sensitivities 
  2. Non-Food Sensitivities 
  3. Metal Sensitivities
  4. Vitamin and Mineral Analysis
  5. E Numbers Analysis 
  6. Digestive Health Analysis 
  7. Gut Biome Analysis
  8. Hormonal Analysis 
  9. Metabolism Analysis 

Hair sample requirement: 

1. Purchase intolerance test online.

2. Once you've completed your order, you will receive an email with instructions and a test submission form to download and complete.

3. Take 4 - 5 strands of your hair sample and return with the test submission form. 

4. Receive your report within five working days from receipt of your hair sample & test submission form. 


Results you can understand sent to your device!

Easy to Understand
Gain meaningful insights about your health with easy-to-understand test results. 

View a personalized report as well as detailed information about what your results mean for you!

Take action on your health and wellness. Use your report to help guide your next steps. 



• Food intolerance occurs when the body does not produce adequate enzymes to digest a particular food. 

• Some symptoms include: Sensitivity to food additives, irritable bowel syndrome, recurring stress or psychological factors, and lactose intolerance. 

• Food sensitivity is an immune-mediated response to some foods that may change over time. Food sensitivities can be triggered by environmental allergens and some medications cross reactivity within food groups.

•  Food allergies are common and occur when the body responds to food proteins with an abnormal IgE mediated hypersensitivity. Such sensitivity may impact numerous bodily organs. Wide ranges of symptoms could potentially follow. 

• Many young children have food allergies that they usually outgrow over time.

• It's important to note that a food intolerance can cause some of the same signs and symptoms as a food allergy. People often confuse the two. 

In addition to being less invasive and significantly cheaper, your last meal may affect the results of a blood sample, whereas a hair sample has the information stored for a longer period and reflects a wider time frame.

To increase your quality of life you should, over a period of 4 - 6 weeks, completely exclude the items your body is intolerant to. During this time your body will get the peace and quiet it needs in order to repair itself. After this period you can either take a new test to be sure your body is "ready" or, gradually and in small increments reintroduce the items to see if there is any reaction. As for the nutrients you may be missing, we recommend that you follow our dietary guidelines and make sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong.

When your order is completed, instructions will be sent to your email along with your receipt (we will not send test kits). Simply take 4 - 5 hair stands from your scalp place in a small plastic bag then put in an envelope along with a completed form (instructions are emailed post order). 

The only cost is the amount you will have to pay in postage to return your sample.

We don't recommend the test for anyone under the age of 6. Younger children have not built up there tolerance levels to items, and this can give false results in the lab. 

No, we test the composition of the hair sample, so the hair dye will not affect your test results.