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Lab Accreditations

Lab Accreditations

Avazera offers access to credible and validated laboratory tests that are initiated and collected by you in the comfort and convenience of your home! We aim to empower individuals to be proactive about their health. We accomplish this through our commitment to quality and accuracy via partnerships with accredited world class laboratories.

All of our laboratories operate under the most stringent qualities, HSE controls and ISO accreditations.

Consumer Data Protection

Once your sample has been analyzed by the laboratory, the sample is then disposed of appropriately in accordance with biological specimen disposal standards. Our laboratories performs comprehensive nutritional factor testing on behalf of patients and their health care providers. Our testing services provide you with feedback your physician can use in diagnoses and treatments of nutritional deficiencies and/or heavy metal burdens in the body.

We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. As such, we have placed very strict safeguards against unauthorized uses of information and disclosures. Our entire Team is trained in reference to these policies and procedures. Test results are disclosed only to the patient or to health care providers requesting the information on the customer’s behalf.

Avazera is committed to advancing your understanding of what optimal health means to YOU. As such, and in alignment with our long term vision to deepen awareness of personal wellness and to empower people to seek individual knowledge about their health, we sometimes collect data sets that are stripped of any identifying information. We use this for research. Through these data sets, we also assure quality control. Above all else, Avazera is wholly committed to your personal privacy.